When Destiny was born with Cerebral Palsy, her parents were told she would never be able to walk or talk. She had already defied those odds long before she came to Tommy Nobis Center. Destiny has an outgoing personality and an amazing attitude. She says of her journey, “I am conquering one thing at a time. As long as I can believe it, I can do it!” Destiny aspires to be an entrepreneur, own her own business, and continue to write poetry. And yet, her physical limitations and difficulty communicating made it challenging for her to find her first job, until she came to Tommy Nobis Center. Tommy Nobis Center staff worked with Destiny to help her find her path to employment. Destiny’s determination to succeed drove her to learn and grow at TNC. Her work skills were evaluated, and she received on-the-job training. She also participated in personal/social skills and job readiness classes. With her resume polished and refined, she headed out with her TNC Employment Specialist to apply for jobs. Destiny went for an interview at Kroger to work as a Courtesy Clerk and in her words, “Of course, I got the job.” Now she has gained valuable experience, a salary to boost her independence, and the admiration and respect of her co-workers and customers. In August 2019, Destiny started Chattahoochee Tech working toward a Business Management degree as she continues to work at Kroger.