We are proud to have helped over 25,000 people in the last 40 years. Our mission at Tommy Nobis Center is to empower individuals with disabilities through employment. Not only do the individuals we help to employ gain experience and independence through our programs but they feel a sense of community around them.

The people we serve at Tommy Nobis Center are extremely important to us. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment that helps them become more independent. Some of the people we serve include:

Giving people with disabilities an opportunity in workplace environments not only has an impact on their lives, but also the lives of the employers and individuals they work with. With the help of our partnerships and sponsors, we are able to play a significant role in the lives of individuals with disabilities by opening the doors to employment. Our employment services are personalized to each participant’s unique situation and provide coaching every step of the way.

Whether their disability is something they have had their entire life or something that they developed later in life, we can help to find a career that fits. Our team of experts has helped individuals find jobs in a variety of positions that enhance their strengths and provide them with a sense of empowerment.

Services We Offer

Our employment services are personalized to each participant’s unique situation and provide them with everything they need when entering the work force. We are a full-service team offering assistance to individuals throughout the entire journey including training, evaluation, and employment services.

Contact Tommy Nobis Center to Get Started

If you are interested in starting your career or giving individuals with disabilities opportunities in your workplace, contact the team at Tommy Nobis Center today. For more information on our services and the people the we serve, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone at (770)427-9000 or through our online contact form.