Would Your 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization like the ability to expand your donor base through vehicle donations?

Tommy Nobis Center offers the perfect program for you.  With over 17 years of experience in the vehicle donation market, TNC can help your organization grow your donor base, increase your revenue, and reach new financial goals to further serve your mission.


  • Easy, full-service vehicle donation program that does not require additional staff positions from your organization nor capital investment
  • Increases your nonprofit’s visibility in the community
  • Offers your donors another method of donating to your cause
  • Excellent revenue potential for your organization
  • Vehicle donations can be accepted in all 50 states

What Tommy Nobis Center Provides

  • Full-service vehicle donation program that is customized and designed to be easy for your organization.  Services include accepting the donation; scheduling the towing; selling the vehicle through auction; and providing receipt, thank you letter and 1098-C (when applicable) to your donors.
  • High quality customer service for your donors
  • Knowledgeable staff to answer donor questions regarding the vehicle donation process
  • Donor data reporting for your organization
  • Personalized toll-free line provided for your organization (telephone lines will be answered using the name of your organization).  You will be able to use that exclusive number for your marketing materials.
  • Funds provided in a timely manner

What Your Organization Provides

  • Donors
  • Marketing Material and Promotion of your vehicle donation program
  • Accounting for accepting your donations
  • Internal Revenue Service reporting annually

Funds Processing

  • Your organization receives 70% of the gross sales price minus towing and auction sales fees. Your organization is welcome to set parameters on what vehicle types you will accept.
  • TNC receives 30% of gross sales for processing the donation from initial call to donor receipt, including monthly donor reports. 


For more information about Tommy Nobis Center’s vehicle donation processing center, please call or email us.

Beth Anders