A comprehensive vocational evaluation is used to assist an individual with identifying vocational interests, aptitudes and academic skills. Computer and paper pencil assessments are adapted to the best learning style of each person. Vocational recommendations for training and careers are made for the participant to consider based on their test outcomes.


A limited vocational evaluation measures one to two of the three testing categories: vocational interests, aptitudes and/or academic skills. A limited vocational evaluation may be used if an individual has already chosen a career goal but is seeking assistance with identifying training programs or if they are requesting assistance with identifying aptitude for a particular field.


In work evaluation, the participant performs actual work on a variety of tasks to determine work stamina, vocational interests and aptitudes, and work behaviors. A work evaluation may last up to 10 days in order to prepare for training. Work is performed at Tommy Nobis Center or in the community in real work settings.

Following Evaluation, the team develops recommendations for career planning.


Evaluation Services allow us to evaluate our participants’ skills, so we can assist them in a way suited to their specific needs. For more information on this service, to schedule an appointment or to learn how you can help, please contact us by phone at 770-427-9000 or through our online contact form.