Nobis Enterprises provides services to federal, state and local government.

With over 35 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to meet government requirements. More than 75 Nobis Enterprises employees provide administrative, mailroom, recycling and custodial services supporting 10 federal and state contracts in 19 states. Our team is ready to customize our services to meet your business needs.

  • Department of Defense, Air Force, Dobbins Air Reserve Base (2) – Nobis Enterprises (NE) employees and supervisors provide janitorial and recycling services
  • Environmental Protection Agency – NE employees and supervisors manage the mail center and supply room for the agency
  • Department of Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers – NE employees serve the mailroom at the Atlanta Federal Center
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development – NE employees provide administrative services at over 20 HUD locations in 19 states
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – NE employees and supervisors manage the mail center
  • Social Security Administration – NE employees and supervisors manage the mail center and perform file room services
  • Department of Justice – NE employees and supervisors provide administrative services
  • Georgia Enterprises for Products & Services – Statewide contract for drug test kits

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Experience in public service and government-serving fields is crucial to the development of our participants. To learn more about our Government Solutions, give us a call at 770-427-9000 or fill out our online contact form.