The goal of Tommy Nobis Center and Nobis Works vocational training and placement services is to provide individualized employment support for participants based on their interests, abilities, needs and vocational preferences. Tommy Nobis Center is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools they need to obtain meaningful employment. Training with employers in the community and job sampling of real community jobs are vital vocational experiences available through Tommy Nobis Center that help ensure employment success. Throughout the job placement experience, members of the Tommy Nobis Center vocational rehabilitation team work hand in hand with individuals to identify jobs, complete the job application process and prepare for successful interviews that lead to that all-important job offer. Once employment is secure, job coaching is available to assist in successfully maintaining a new job.

Early Youth Employment SERVICES (EYES)

Early Youth Employment Services (EYES) provides vocational training and education within school settings to students with disabilities age 14 to 22 as they become empowered to pursue their career goals. These Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) include comprehensive vocational evaluations, job readiness training and personal and social adjustment.  A summer program at Tommy Nobis Center and various other locations are also offered.


ConNect is an initiative to connect families of youth with disabilities offering social events, group outings/activities, parent support, and family education.


Tommy Nobis Center believes that all persons deserve equal access to education, training, and employment opportunities. The Academy will provide accelerated vocational education and training to equip youth and young adults with disabilities in obtaining successful employment. Through the three pillars of the program, Educate, Train, and Employ, students will be engaged in a progressive learning experience through three months of classroom-based instruction, a three-month internship, followed by six months of support for students who are pursuing and maintaining employment.

The Academy will serve Metro Atlanta through an in-person program located in Cobb County, Georgia for those who meet criteria, receive acceptance to the program, and complete enrollment. Tommy Nobis Center will offer multiple cohorts each year serving up to 15 students within each cohort of The Academy beginning in July of 2023.


Tommy Nobis Center offers job placement services to adults ages 18 and over to meet individualized employment goals.


Participants are referred to Tommy Nobis Center through Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, Veterans Administration, workers’ compensation insurance companies and other rehabilitation providers. A self-referral may also be possible.

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Our employment services are the on-the-job experience that our participants count on. To learn how to give back, or for more information on this service or others, please contact our Coordinator at 770-427-9000 or through our online contact form.