How is a Person Referred to Tommy Nobis Center?

Participants are referred through the Georgia Department of Labor’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program, metro area schools, Veterans Administration, workers’ compensation insurance companies and/or other rehabilitation providers. A self-referral can be made to the Program Coordinator at (770) 427-9000.

Referring agencies provide referral information such as medical, psychological or educational information to team members who manage the programs. Team members review referral information and determine an individual’s eligibility. If accepted into a program, the participant will be scheduled for an intake interview. Team members work with each individual to arrange transportation and determine a start date.

Enrollment Eligibility Criteria

No person will, on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin, be denied services from Tommy Nobis Center programs and services. All persons seeking admission must demonstrate a need for the services provided. All persons will be served on the basis of availability of program funding.

Persons applying for services who are not financially sponsored by a referring agency may be admitted and will meet all admission criteria. Team will discuss fees for services with the applicant before admission.

All persons applying for admission will meet the following guidelines:

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age. (Persons under age 18 must obtain a work permit from the Department of Education before admission.)
  2. Must provide proper identification upon admission as required by the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service for Employment Eligibility Verification. Proper identification includes an original Social Security card or birth certificate and photo ID or photo driver’s license.
  3. Must have written evidence dated within the last three years from an appropriate specialist, agency, or other source, that documents the mental, physical, vocational or emotional need for services.
  4. Must independently care for personal needs including eating, drinking, toileting, dressing and more.*
  5. Must have adequate mobility skills to get to and from workstations, restrooms, lunchroom.*
  6. Must not be injurious to self or others and must maintain this status once admitted.
  7. Must voluntarily agree to participate in Tommy Nobis Center programs unless otherwise legally ordered.
  8. Must agree to follow rules and regulations as required.
  9. Must be able to secure transportation to and from Tommy Nobis Center locations.

* Requirements #4 and #5 may be met with the use of a personal care aide or trainer. Personal care and mobility needs will be assessed prior to admission.

Tommy Nobis Center reserves the right to request specific medical, psychological or other diagnostic or social information, which may be important to the individual’s successful rehabilitation. Each specific rehabilitation program offered may have additional admission criteria, which are explained in those program descriptions.

Enroll Today

Tommy Nobis Center takes pride in providing opportunities for all qualifying people with disabilities, regardless of race, sex, or other classifications. Whether you are referred to us, or have come to us on your own, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals. Begin your enrollment process today or ask any questions you may still have by calling us at 770-427-9000 or completing our online contact form.