Tommy Nobis Center is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools they need to obtain meaningful employment. Training with employers in the community and job sampling of real community jobs are vital vocational experiences available through Tommy Nobis Center that help ensure employment success. Throughout the job placement experience, members of the Tommy Nobis Center vocational rehabilitation team work hand in hand with individuals to identify jobs, complete the job application process and prepare for successful interviews that lead to that all-important job offer. Once employment is secure, job coaching is available to assist in successfully maintaining a new job.


Early Youth Employment Services (EYES) provides vocational training and education within school settings, supporting students with disabilities age 14 to 21 as they become empowered to pursue their career goals. Tommy Nobis Center partners with local schools to provide customized curriculum from trained vocational counselors, including lessons on job-readiness, communication, and general life skills. Vocational evaluations help students identify their strengths and build a personalized career plan. EYES Summer Youth Program at Tommy Nobis Center includes career exploration, field trips, vocational demonstrations, and hands-on real work experience.

Vocational Evaluation

This evaluation is a combination of hands-on, computer and paper/pencil testing to measure an individual’s vocational interests, aptitudes and academic abilities. An individual assessment plan is written with each individual to determine assessments to use that will relate to the person’s job goal. Tests are adapted to individual learning styles.

Work Evaluation

In work evaluation, the participant performs actual work on a variety of tasks to determine work stamina, vocational interests and aptitudes, and work behaviors. A work evaluation may last up to 10 days in order to prepare for training. Work is performed at Tommy Nobis Center or in the community in real work settings.

Work Adjustment Training

Work adjustment training assists the individual with building stamina, improving communication skills with co-workers and supervisors, and preparing for employment. Training is provided at community-based employment sites. Tommy Nobis Center provides on-site supervisors for on-going support and training.


Tommy Nobis Center is an authorized Ticket to Work provider. Ticket to Work is a federally-funded program that provides individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits the support they need to enter the workforce. 

Classroom Instruction

Classes are offered to assist with teaching job readiness skills, job keeping skills and best work practices. Other classes can also include GED preparation and transportation training to teach individuals how to get to a job.

Skills Training

Specific skills training is also offered in Computer Training. This self-paced course equips participants with basic computer skills including parts and use of a computer, typing practice, Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Internet and email basics. The program can be customized based on the job goal.

Forklift training is also offered for those interested in employment in a warehouse type of setting.

Job Placement Services

Job Readiness Training can be offered to assist with writing a resume, practicing job interviews, and learning to complete paper/pencil, and online job applications. Individuals work with employment specialists to design an employment plan to reach their desired career goal. Job shadowing to observe jobs in the community can be arranged to allow more first-hand information about a job of interest. When a specific job is identified, job sampling may also be an option in order for a program participant to “try out” the job for a short period of time for hands-on experience. Job coaching services are also available to assist in training on the job and adjustment to a new work routine.


Tommy Nobis Center’s vocational rehabilitation and placement services are accredited by the highest level of CARF International (the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). The Tommy Nobis Center team also includes Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Certified Vocational Evaluators and other Master’s level rehabilitation professionals.

Enrollment Eligibility

Participants are referred to Tommy Nobis Center through Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, Veterans Administration, workers’ compensation insurance companies and other rehabilitation providers. A self-referral may also be possible.

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