Recap of the Annual Board Meeting, June 24, 2015

Change of Board Leadership:

Officers for the new fiscal year are:

Chairman – Bill Steinhaus

Vice Chairman – Jim Budzinski

Secretary – Lance Cornell

Treasurer – Alan Moak


Nobis Enterprises Employee Recognized:

Dobbins Air Reserve Base employee Regenia Tuggle was recognized for 32 years of service to Nobis Enterprises.  Regenia was selected to attend the 2015 SourceAmerica Grassroots Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. June 8-11 where she received advocacy training and then made congressional visits to advocate for the AbilityOne program. This was Regenia’s first trip outside the state of Georgia and her first plane ride. She was accompanied by her sister and Nobis Enterprises Project Manager Sally Meaders.


Awards Given:

  • Professional Advocate Award – Greg Schmieg, GA Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Executive Director 

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) has been a steadfast partner with Tommy Nobis Center in its journey since its first contract in July 1977.  Together, we have served more than 25,000 youth and adults with disabilities. The many VR leaders during these 38 years have viewed our relationship positively and as a buyer/seller or vendor relationship—until now. Greg Schmieg is the first Executive Directors of the free-standing agency since 2012. Governor Deal recruited Greg away from Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center and hospital as the ideal person and personality to lead the newly-formed agency. Greg views Tommy Nobis Center and other community Rehabilitation programs as PARTNERS in the truest sense.  He handles surprises well as we all will remember the “funding surprise” of 2013 as the “perfect storm.” Greg has doubled down to exceed expectations in the “recovery” through reorganization, innovation and partnerships with Tommy Nobis Center and others.


  • Business Partner Award – Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) 

Tommy Nobis Center and Reworx have been the fortunate recipients of REDF support—its first venture outside of California in the south.  When George Roberts, co-founder of KKR, launched REDF in 1997, he said, “If you don’t have a job, you don’t have hope.  If you don’t have hope, what do you really have?”  REDF’s purpose is to expand job development programs for those who faced the greatest difficulties getting and holding onto a job.  This goal of investing in social enterprises that create jobs and reinvest earnings in skill development, training and services was visionary.  REDF invested in Tommy Nobis Center’ social enterprise Reworx through market studies, professional consulting, staff support and travel to connect seven mission focused electronic recyclers in order to scale their operations by working together as a national network called Impact Recyclers.  The young network employs more than 220 mission-related people, recycles 25 million pounds of electronics per year and has industry certifications and over 40 years of combined recycling experience.


Carla Javits, President of REDF, has a passionate, visionary and entrepreneurial team.  Their commitment to creating jobs and scaling social enterprises to give employment and hope is a perfect match with Tommy Nobis Center’ mission.  Phil Owens is assigned to Impact Recyclers to create partnerships and new business.  Phil leverages his many years of private sector strategic planning experience to expand the social enterprise model nationwide.  Prior to joining REDF, Phil led the Investment Banking Group at the New York Stock Exchange and was COO of Phoenix American Financial Services.


  • Employer Award – Daryl Young, Centers for Disease Control Contracting Officer’s Representative

Daryl understands how to balance and manage contractor demands while ensuring the taxpayers get their dollar’s worth.  Daryl has been Contracting Officer’s Representative since Nobis Enterprises started the contract in August 2011. Daryl has consistently provided our site supervisors with invaluable support from getting the new AbilityOne contract started to everyday tasks.  This included internal CDC client education on the unique aspects of the AbilityOne program and challenges we encounter. Daryl assisted with several scope of work changes that resulted in no loss of Nobis Enterprises manpower.  He assisted our site supervisors in creating a Quick Reference Notebook to assist new employees learning the incoming mail processes.  Always going above and beyond, Daryl provided excess supplies from the Logistics Branch Office which has helped reduce our supply costs.


  • Presentation Of Thomas A. Slaughter Service Award – Laura Murphree                                   

The Tom Slaughter Service Award is named for a true champion of Tommy Nobis Center and the late husband of co-founder Joyce Slaughter.  This award recognizes the special dedication of our Board members, and is given annually to the director who exemplifies outstanding service and support by promoting Tommy Nobis Center to the public.  This is the “MVP” award for Tommy Nobis Center board members.

This year’s Slaughter Award recipient joined our board in 2002.  In these 13 years, her passion and commitment for the Tommy Nobis Center mission have been amazing.  She has served on many committees; as chair of Tommy Nobis Center and Nobis Enterprises Boards and the Governance Committee.  During her multi-year tenure as Chairwoman of the Governance Committee, she has led the recruitment of many fine new directors and officers.  She and her committee tackled the tedious task of rewriting Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for all four Tommy Nobis Center non-profit corporations and name changes.  Although this was very difficult for the Secretary of State’s office, she got it done.  No task is beneath her, and she never takes credit.  This unsung heroine surely has that fire of compassion for our mission that Tom Slaughter referred to.