When Crystal came to Tommy Nobis Center in September 2019, she was at the lowest point in her life. Having been diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar disorder, she was overwhelmed in her role as a single mother to a young child. One of her biggest stressors was her concern about how she was going to provide for her son.

At TNC, she was immediately given the opportunity to work and earn income as part of her training program. By being matched with a job that fit her needs, she began to have hope for her future. She no longer dreaded going to work and the fear that she wouldn’t be able to measure up began to fade.

Today, Crystal works as a Shipt shopper, a job she enjoys that provides good pay and a flexible schedule. Crystal said, “Not only did they believe in me, they made me believe in myself by giving me the opportunity and skills I needed to succeed. Finally, I felt like I was capable. I just needed the tools and the right support. Tommy Nobis Center was that support for me. I gained confidence and coping skills that now help me in my current job. I’m so grateful the Tommy Nobis Center exists!”

Through her good work ethic and determination, Crystal has used the skills she developed at TNC to find her path to career success!