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Nobis Works Becomes Tommy Nobis Center
Name and brand honor the co-founder, Tommy Nobis

MARIETTA, Georgia – February 15, 2018 – Nobis Works, the Marietta-based nonprofit dedicated to training and supporting individuals with disabilities in community-based jobs, is becoming Tommy Nobis Center and today unveiled its new name and brand.

“Tommy Nobis, along with co-founders Bobbie Knopf and Joyce Slaughter, created an innovative organization to help people with disabilities enter or return to employment and enjoy productive and independent lifestyles,” said Dave Ward, president and CEO – Tommy Nobis Center. “Tommy’s dedication and generosity have been and always will be the heart of our organization. As a result, we decided to name the organization in his honor as Tommy Nobis Center.”

Tommy Nobis Center was founded in 1977, and at that time, Bobbie Knopf, a special education teacher, and Joyce Slaughter, a concerned parent, set out to fill the vocational training and placement service needs for students with disabilities as they transitioned from high school. They recruited Tommy Nobis, Mr. Falcon himself, who had been involved with the Special Olympics. Tommy Nobis not only lent his name, but also his support and personal involvement for more than 40 years to further the mission of empowering people through employment.

“Tommy was an extraordinarily talented football player,” said Ward. “He was also an extraordinarily good man whose service off the field has had an immeasurable impact on the lives of so many individuals with disabilities. We are very excited about honoring the man who helped found our organization with our new name and brand.”

As part of the rebranding, the logo was updated by Marietta-based branding firm id8. Tommy Nobis Center’s logo includes a distinctive and stylized “N” for Nobis. The symbol embodies momentum, and the bold stroke of colors leans forward to symbolize pushing ahead. The yellow side of the logo stands for enthusiasm, fun and joy, which encourages optimism and greater confidence. The central blue color symbolizes loyalty, strength and wisdom. Green, the combination of yellow and blue, denotes the uplifting energy that is provided by Tommy Nobis Center to individuals and their families.


Tommy Nobis Center Welcomes Amar Medatia as New Director of Nobis Enterprises 
Goals for 2018 include adding more dedicated, capable employees across the country

MARIETTA, GA – January 12, 2018  Tommy Nobis Center, a Marietta-based nonprofit that helps individuals with all types of disabilities find meaningful employment, has hired Amar Medatia as director of Nobis Enterprises. Nobis Enterprises is an affiliated entity of Tommy Nobis Center that fulfills government contracts by employing individuals with disabilities in jobs that allow them to enjoy productive and independent lifestyles while contributing to the greater business community. Nobis Enterprises has current contracts and employees in 19 states, and Medatia plans to grow those numbers in 2018. 

Medatia’s role will enhance Tommy Nobis Center’ mission of empowering people through employment and help achieve its vision of supportive communities where people with disabilities are afforded the opportunity to work. 

“I am both thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to help enhance the vision and mission of Tommy Nobis Center,” says Medatia. “I look forward to the challenges and successes of bringing impactful and lasting employment opportunities to individuals throughout the country who often struggle to find employment. I am focused on expanding our reach and supporting our employees.”

Medatia is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) and has significant experience in providing essential contract management support for the federal government and private industry.

“His experience and relationship-building skills will be invaluable to Tommy Nobis Center as we seek to expand our programmatic reach. I could not be more excited to have him as part of our leadership team,” says Dave Ward, president & CEO of Tommy Nobis Center.


Statement on Tommy Nobis’ Passing | December 13, 2017

We were deeply saddened to learn of Tommy Nobis’ passing this morning. As the co-founder and namesake of our organization, Tommy Nobis Center, his passing has hit us particularly hard. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Lynn Nobis, and his family, as they grieve the loss of a great legend and warm and wonderful man on and off the field.

Tommy Nobis was not only an incredible football player, from his early days at University of Texas to becoming the first draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons expansion team in 1966, but also he was tirelessly dedicated to giving back to his community. It is through his focus on serving that Tommy Nobis Center was founded 40 years ago this year.

Tommy instilled his work ethic and drive into our organization, and without his involvement, 25,000 lives of those with physical and developmental disabilities would not have been so positively impacted. We are forever in his debt.

Tommy’s legacy will live on through Tommy Nobis Center as we continue to change the lives of those with disabilities through employment.

Dave Ward
President & CEO
Tommy Nobis Center