Nobis Works’ RV donation program turns unwanted recreational vehicles into support and opportunity for people with disabilities or other barriers that make finding and keeping a job difficult. By donating your unwanted RV, you are helping provide job training and employment assistance to people in need, allowing them to pursue their dreams while learning to become more independent.

Your RV will be used as any donation would — we simply make the process easier for you. With RV donations, we’ll come to you and pick up the RV at no charge. Then, we’ll sell the RV at auction and use the proceeds to provide support for our participants.

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How RV Donation Works

What information do I need to provide?

We’ll need to know the make, model, and year of your RV, and an address where we can pick up your RV. If your RV has a motor, you will need to provide a current Motor Vehicle Title free of any liens. If your RV does not have a motor, we will need a DNR Bill of Sale.

What condition does my RV need to be in?

The RVs we accept as donations need to be in working order. They can be old and a little banged up, but as long as they run and are drivable, we’ll take them!

How will my RV be used?

Your RV will be sold at auction and the money received from this sale will go towards funding the futures of our deserving participants.

Is my RV donation tax deductible?

Yes. When your donation is complete, we’ll send you a 1098-c form to use when you prepare your taxes. It will detail the specifics of your donation.

If we receive less than $500 for your donation, you may claim either the fair market value or $500 on your tax return. If your RV sells for more than $500, we will need you to provide your social security number so that you can claim the exact amount that we received for your RV.

When will you pick up my RV?

We will pick up your RV from most destinations you specify within five to seven business days after your donation has been confirmed.