Nobis Works has been tremendously successful in matching individuals with a variety of disabilities with jobs that they enjoy. We specialize in finding meaningful careers for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to find impactful employment for individuals that want to work and are excited about starting careers.

To ensure employment success Nobis Works offers training with employers in the community and job sampling of real jobs throughout the community through our vocational services. We offer a variety of classes such as job readiness training, computer skills training and ServSafe certification. These courses cover several topics from typing practice and assistance with creating a resume to certification programs for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.

Common Jobs for an Individual that it Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Nobis Works helps individuals with a variety of disabilities find jobs that are the right fit for them, whether it be a learning disability or hearing loss, we are dedicated to finding the perfect match. Individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing can be huge assets to employers when the position matches their abilities and strengths.

Through the completion of our courses, individuals will be more prepared for a variety of careers including:
• Warehouse Admin
• Database Management
• Laboratory Technician
• Writing/Blogging
• Office Management

Employment Obstacles for Individuals that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Though individuals with hearing loss possess many skills and capabilities that are suited for a variety of industries, finding a job can be difficult. Getting through the application and interview process is typically challenging enough even when you’re not faced with a disability, but for interviewees that are hard of hearing or deaf it can be particularly difficult especially when the proper resources are not provided.

When an individual is deaf or is hard of hearing, Nobis Works staff will connect individuals with the appropriate resources needed to aid in the communication with future employers. Whether you’re just entering the workforce, trying to get back into it, or looking to change careers, Nobis Works is here to help guide you through the job search process. Addressing an employer’s misconception regarding how the individual’s disability will impact their performance in the workplace, can also be challenging. Nobis Works is here to educate the community of these misconceptions and concerns.

Employment Services Through Nobis Works

Nobis Works is there for individuals every step of the way to assist them with any obstacles that they may face. From filling out an application to continuing with employee training after securing a job, we are there to help. Depending on the individual and their disability, we offer several services that make finding a job faster and easier.

A few of the services we offer:
Vocational Evaluations
Skills Training
Work Evaluations
Employment Services

Contact the Team at Nobis Works Today

If you are faced with a hearing impairment and are searching for employment, contact the team at Nobis Works. To learn more about our services or how you can help, contact us at (770)427-9000 or fill out our online contact form.